Orlando & Central Florida Catering

When it comes to faster catering options that can please a crowd, it does not get much better than calling on a local taco truck. Mexican food remains a popular favorite among the patrons as well as more food truck owners. So, when you are looking for a food truck caterer to please your diverse crowd, look no further than Bombazo’s Taco’s, simply the best in Central Florida catering.

With fresh menu items prepared to order, we offer more central Floridians residents and visitors a better quick service dining experience. With better quality ingredients and convenient service, you will never want to take your next break inside of a fast food joint again. When we show up, the party gets started, and the people come walking over from all over…lining up with smiles on their faces. However, it is when they taste our food that the magic happens!

Any Time is Taco Time

No matter what type of meal service that you may be planning, we can make the most of any service call. We remain the best option around for fast and delicious local Mexican cuisine, and you never have to worry about feeding a crowd again when you choose us. When you need personalized food service, just call us, and we can handle the rest. We are the ideal choice for any meal or event, including:

  • Luncheons
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Retirements
  • Military Events
  • Military Retirements
  • Weddings
  • Quinceanera
  • Birthdays
  • Family Reunions
  • Industrial Areas
  • After-Hours Munchies
  • And any other special occasion or gathering.


Private Chef Options

What separates us apart from other food truck service providers is that we even offer ourselves for private chef services. With an extensive catering background and top quality food preparations, we can bring the special occasion right to your kitchen for less.

Calling dedicated personal chefs can be expensive, but when you rely on us, we can give you the best in affordable private chef service. Call us and save more for your next private chef needs, including:

  • Romantic Dinners
  • Special Occasions
  • Anniversaries
  • Private Celebrations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Or even for just Taco Tuesday (or Wednesday because Tacos are not just for Tuesday-right?)


"We represent some of the best in local catering choices above all others."


Get started planning your event.

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